Incentive Programs

Student Incentives and Focus

Liberty Junior sponsors several incentive programs that are designed to motivate student achievement, encourage positive behavior, and reward consistency.

Here is a description of those programs:

        Student of the Month/Most Improved Students

Each month teachers may nominate one of their students for each category. These students are given a certificate and a coupon from a local business or lunch with our principals.

  • Birthday Pizza Lunch (sponsored by PTO)

We recognize students in their birthday months with Raymond's Pizza (cheese, sausage or pepperoni).  Students will receive 2 slices of pizza, dessert, a drink and a small gift.  Students will receive an invitation the month of their birthday.  June and July will be done in other months.

  • 3.0 GPA

Students receiving a 3.0 GPA on their report card are treated to a special ice cream during their lunch time on the day the report cards are distributed.

  • Ice Cream Social

Excellent behavior gets rewarded here at LJS. All students who have gone all year without any type of detention or office referral are able to participate in the ice cream social.

  • Straight A Cincinnati Reds Ticket Incentive Offer

For years the Cincinnati Reds (George Clooney even spoke about how excited he was when in school and would receive this application form) honored students who received a 3.3 or better on their 1st Semester GPA with ticket applications.  Game dates and prices are listed (students enter free).  These applications are distributed to students who had a 3.3 or higher first quarter during advisory in late January.  We thank the Cincinnati Reds for their support of education and for this incentive.