Scheduling Parent/Teacher Conferences

1. Go to the website:

2. Choose the teacher(s) with whom you would like a conference.  The teacher’s schedules for 2019-2020 conferences are September 25, October 24, and November 21 and February 6.  Your child’s core class teachers (language arts, math, social studies, science) are listed under team conferences.  All other teachers are listed individually.  PLEASE NOTE:  The October 24  team conferences will be by team invitation only. 

3. Click on the sign‐up button underneath the time you are requesting.

4. Complete the sign‐up by adding your child’s first and last name.  If you would like an email confirmation you must complete the section requesting your email address.

5. Complete your conference sign‐up by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page – sign up for your conference.

6. At the top of the page click on Liberty Junior Staff list and repeat the process for your next conference.   

7. Please do not sign up for more than one conference per teacher.

NOTE:  The ability to schedule a conference will be locked the day before the conference. 

To schedule a conference with more than one teacher at the same time:

1. Click on the yellow Register for Multiple Conference button. Continue.
2. Complete this page. Continue. (If you are registering more than one student this page must be completed again.)  Continue.
3. Double click the appropriate date, time, and teachers.  Continue.  Double click on the staff list to schedule a conference for another teacher.   
4. Complete registration.