Cross Country

Cross Country

Note: If school is cancelled or students are released early from school due to the weather, all after school activities and extracurricular activities are cancelled.



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2022 Information

Mission -- Lakota Cross Country has a rich tradition of developing successful runners and having very competitive teams.  The last couple of seasons we have run as Lakota West and Lakota East.  We train with the other Lakota Junior Highs so we have runners of varying talents.  Our goal is to develop a left love for the sport of Cross Country. 

Reasons to Join – Athletes have joined for various reasons.  To be a part of a successful team, to be a great cross country runner, to develop stamina (sometimes for other sports), to meet good people and start the school year with a sense of unity, etc.   Regardless of the reasons, by the end of the season you will have a sense of accomplishment and will be proud of what you have done.

Practices—we practice after school at one of the Butler County Metro parks.  Lakota will transport athletes to the site.  Practices last for 90 minutes.  We try to be prompt and end on time.  Parents will be asked to pick athletes up at the practice site. 

Meets—everyone competes in every meet.  There will be many races on meet days.  Meets are competed in varying styles.  Girls and Boys will run separately.  Sometimes 7th will run with 8th, sometimes they are divided equally.  Sometimes they run as a top seven and open races.  Our league has a separate 7th and 8th and Open race for each gender. 

Scoring – In the US, Cross-country running is normally scored on a team basis.  Points are awarded to individual runners equal to the position in which they cross the finish line.  Only the first five on each team are counted towards that team’s score.  The sixth and seventh runners on each team are called “pushers,” because while they do not earn points for their team, they push up the point score of each opponent after them.  No runners after the first seven per team count in the scoring (in most cases.)  Teams are awarded ranks based on the number of points their top five runners have, with lowest being the best.  The rules in the event of a tie vary depending on the competition.  Often, the team with the lower sixth place runner is the winner.

The lowest possible score is 15 (1+2+3+4+5), achieved by a team’s runners finishing in each of the top five positions.

What to expect on meet days- (We suggest having the athletes pack the night before)

  • we will arrive and find a common area for team camp (this camp is like our locker room, parents, siblings, friends please respect this)

  • if enough time, we will warm-up over the course and stretch along the way

  • run 2.0 mile race

  • we will run a team cool-down over the course, this should be the entire 2 mile course by mid-season.

  • stretch

  • check-out / depart

What to pack –

  • pack rain gear, a garbage bag works well to put all the gear in

  • water bottles

  • uniform

  • a couple of pairs of dry socks (one to warm-up with, one to race in, and one to cool-down in.

  • extra sweats, they can always take them off

  • older shoes to warm-up with, and dry shoes to race in

Transportation-Buses are provided to get athletes to the meet.  Parents will provide transportation from the meet.

Directions- will be provided on the Itinerary before the meet.

Participation Fee - $150 per athlete; Financial assistance on Web page through the Community Foundation

E-mail distribution list—Information will be obtained from the Final Forms registration.

To register--please log onto   

State guidelines mandate that all athletes must have a physical before trying out for any team. Physical forms are due prior to any practice/open gym/conditioning or tryout. It is important to note that physicals are only valid for one year from the issue date; therefore, to ensure your child meets the requirements for the entire school year, we recommend that you schedule this physical in May/June/July for the current school year. The OHSAA Physical Form is located on the Liberty Athletic website as well as in the front office. 

Athletic Fees
Fees for the current/upcoming school year will be $150.00 for junior school students. A family cap is available for junior high and high school students participating in extracurricular athletics and marching band. See the Frequently Asked Questions and Family Cap Form for details.